Authored by Jordan Pinker

What is Paraphrasing?

Is it the process of repeating someone else’s work butting to yourself? Or is it about putting those thoughts down on paper and submitting it as yours? From whichever version you chose to apply, you are guaranteed the Right which Means Contents.

We can all relate to the immense sense of relief once we finish putting down our thoughts on paper. It shows that the process of writing has not only been eased; it has come to a halt for us to live a fulfilled life. Many students go through the same challenges that entail putting down a document to their concepts and then getting stuck when they feel like they cannot compose a compelling piece. As such, the need to paraphrase arises.

When paraphrasing, it is seeking to put down the message in your words but using another person’s perspective. You could, for instance, use “Would you like to know that?" In this case, you are trying to describe a conversation between a student and a teacher in which they discussed a particular concept. Furthermore, you are trying to achieve the intended purpose of your paper. Thus, it entails generating different interpretations from the initial conversations.

Ways of paraphrasing

There are various ways of rewording a text without altering its meaning. Let’s discuss some of the most common examples.

  • You could do it straightforwardly. The problem with such choices is that the result can be a plain copy of your text, thus making no attempt to amend the message.
  • Use synonyms. Apart from changing the message in a sentence, it provides a stronger indication that you understand the context of the passage.
  • You can do it in a way that does not imply rewriting the entire passage. Here, you signal the addition of a new idea that you have communicated. *You can use paraphrase websites

Another example is when you use the simple words "to explain" and "to change the meaning. For instance, in the description of "my outfit," you could sign up for a relationship and present it to the teacher as a gift. The communication barrier comes in the form of misinterpretation because a student might be in a hurry to interpret the message. On the other hand, such a student can use "to change the meaning."


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