Authored by Rajeev Bera

Boost your Productivity and Code Quality : AFTER technique

There are more than 35 git best practices that are available on the web.

The web is full of Information... It's HUGE.

BUT the truth is different

It's not easy to achieve code quality by using all these git best practices and with many advance git commands.


It's hard to remember everything.

And second, it's not easy to implement, especially if you are a part of a big team.


The AFTER technique

The AFTER technique

Before you jump in detail...

I have something to share

I used this technique and notice the boost in productivity and overall code quality improves within 5 days.

Find full case study here

"How I Boost My Productivity With AFTER Technique in 5 Days"

So let's dive into the more details of this technique

A — Atomic Commits

One of the important and without a doubt, best practices in any version control is to keep your commits atomic.

In simple words...

Atomic commit = one commit for one change.


git commit -m "Add JS validation to the user signup form"

F — Frequent Commits

The second rule of AFTER technique is F — Frequent commits.

Anytime I complete a part of code that compiles and runs, I prefer to commit.

T — Test Before You Push

I have never met any programmer who can write perfect code. To err is human.

It's important to test code before you commit and especially push to the remote repository.

E — Enforce standards

Adopting standards are essential.

They accelerate overall quality, and there is no doubt that full compliance always minimizes errors and delays.

These standards depending on the team and other factors.

You are read more about these standards here on Git Commands

R — Refactoring Is Not a Feature

Code refactoring is a normal thing in developers.

But the worse thing is refactoring and adding a new feature in the same commit.

You should not treat refactoring as a new feature and never mix these two things.

Code refactoring is not adding any value to the business.

That's it.

Bonus Section

Here is the bonus section for you.

You can download from here - Git Best Practices and AFTER techniques.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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