Commit 2a2872f9 authored by Bruno Bzeznik's avatar Bruno Bzeznik

Fixed the test (but container does not comunicate)

parent c7d4870a
......@@ -11,5 +11,5 @@ nixos-container start $container
init_script=`nix-store --add store/`
test_script=`nix-store --add store/`
run mkdir -p /var/lib/phylotest
run cp $test_script /var/lib/phylotest/
run cp $test_script /var/lib/phylotest/
run bash $init_script
from webtest import TestApp
app = TestApp('')
app = TestApp('')
resp = app.get('/home/login/?next=/browse/project/PHA/sample/969/')
form = resp.form
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