Commit bb765723 by Eric Coissac

Patch a bug in `selectGoodComponent` because of the new compact graph

parent f61e648a
......@@ -982,7 +982,7 @@ def path2fasta(self,assgraph,path,identifier="contig",minlink=10,nlength=20,back
#print "@@>",stemid,attr['length'],stem,oldstem
if oldstem is not None:
connected,ml,sl,delta = pairEndedConnected(self,assgraph,oldid,stemid,back)
connected,ml,sl,delta = pairEndedConnected(self,assgraph,oldid,stemid,back) # @UnusedVariable
if oldstem[1]==stem[0]:
if ml is not None:
if logger is None:
......@@ -1382,7 +1382,7 @@ def estimateDeadBrancheLength(self,default=10):
def selectGoodComponent(cg):
def geneincc(cc):
return any(cg.getEdgeAttr(*e)['ingene']>0 for e in cc)
return any(cg.getEdgeAttr(*e).get('ingene',0)>0 for e in cc)
cc = list(cg.connectedComponentIterator())
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