Commit 712eb6b4 authored by Eric Coissac's avatar Eric Coissac

--no commit message

--no commit message
parent b5864078
......@@ -395,14 +395,14 @@ int32_t lookForReverse(buffer_t *buffer, pnuc key, size_t length, int32_t* endof
printf("Rshift = %d\n",rshift);
int ib;
for (ib=0;ib<lkey;ib++)
printf ("%8s ",bin8(dest2[ib],2));
printf ("%8s ",bin8(dest2[ib]));
dest = shiftKey(dest, dest2, rshift, lkey);
for (ib=0;ib<=lkey;ib++)
printf ("%8s ",bin8(dest[ib],2));
printf ("%8s ",bin8(dest[ib]));
// Set the last bits of the query to 0
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