Commit 5905d791 by Eric Coissac

Remove a wrong log on stdout

parent 4458150c
......@@ -434,7 +434,7 @@ def fillGaps(self,minlink=5,
eei = [set(assgraph.getEdgeAttr(*i)['path'][0:100]) for i in ei]
eet = [set(assgraph.getEdgeAttr(*i)['path'][-100:]) for i in et]
print(eiid) # <EC>
print(eiid,file=sys.stderr) # <EC>
exi = [getPairedRead(self,assgraph,i,back,end=False) for i in eiid]
ext = [getPairedRead(self,assgraph,i,back,end=True) for i in etid]
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