Commit 1b928c17 by Eric Coissac

Add the sdist command

parent 8cedba3c
Created on 10 mars 2015
@author: coissac
import os.path
from distutils.command.sdist import sdist as orig_sdist
from distutils import dir_util
class sdist(orig_sdist):
def make_distribution(self):
"""Create the source distribution(s). First, we create the release
tree with 'make_release_tree()'; then, we create all required
archive files (according to 'self.formats') from the release tree.
Finally, we clean up by blowing away the release tree (unless
'self.keep_temp' is true). The list of archive files created is
stored so it can be retrieved later by 'get_archive_files()'.
# Don't warn about missing meta-data here -- should be (and is!)
# done elsewhere.
base_dir = self.distribution.get_fullname()
base_name = os.path.join(self.dist_dir,base_dir)
self.make_release_tree(os.path.join('tmp',base_dir), self.filelist.files)
archive_files = [] # remember names of files we create
# tar archive must be created last to avoid overwrite and remove
if 'tar' in self.formats:
for fmt in self.formats:
file = self.make_archive(base_name, fmt, root_dir='tmp',base_dir=base_dir,
self.distribution.dist_files.append(('sdist', '', file))
self.archive_files = archive_files
if not self.keep_temp:
dir_util.remove_tree(os.path.join('tmp',base_dir), dry_run=self.dry_run)
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