Commit 0da0b4ef by Eric Coissac

Remove the amino-acids codes

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......@@ -31,35 +31,5 @@ Nucleic IUPAC Code
======== =================================
Peptidic one and three letters IUPAC code
============ ============= =======================================
**1-letter** **3-letters** **Amino acid**
============ ============= =======================================
A Ala Alanine
R Arg Arginine
N Asn Asparagine
D Asp Aspartic acid
C Cys Cysteine
Q Gln Glutamine
E Glu Glutamic acid
G Gly Glycine
H His Histidine
I Ile Isoleucine
L Leu Leucine
K Lys Lysine
M Met Methionine
F Phe Phenylalanine
P Pro Proline
S Ser Serine
T Thr Threonine
W Trp Tryptophan
Y Tyr Tyrosine
V Val Valine
B Asx Aspartic acid or Asparagine
Z Glx Glutamine or Glutamic acid
X Xaa Any amino acid
============ ============= =======================================
.. _IUPAC:
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