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add doc for chlorodb

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# Make chloro DB's for use by CDS prediction program
mkdir myDB
mkdir myDB/download
cp GBKorEMBLEntries myDB/download
cp ORG_HOME/data/cds/chlorodb/ myDB
<edit> myDB/
] myDB
and... wait... (typical time : 5h for 500 Entries)
then (after checking)
mv ORG_HOME/data/cds/chlorodb ORG_HOME/data/cds/chlorodb.old
mv myDB ORG_HOME/data/cds/chlorodb
# notes
this requires an installed R > 3.0.1
with the following packages
igraph # <- mandatory
grid # <- the following are not needed
gridExtra # by scripts, but just to
vcd # produce graphics for models
plotrix # by lib/plot.models.r
you can check and install them by running :
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