Commit db2202c8 by Celine Mercier

uniq: added a check to make sure that there is more than one element for

one tag when merging its information
parent d33ff978
......@@ -354,6 +354,9 @@ cdef uniq_sequences(View_NUC_SEQS view, View_NUC_SEQS o_view, ProgressBar pb, di
key = mergedKeys[k]
merged_col_name = mergedKeys_m[k]
if merged_infos[merged_col_name]['nb_elts'] == 1:
raise Exception("Can't merge information from a tag with only one element (e.g. one sample ; don't use -m option)")
if merged_col_name in view:
i_col = view[merged_col_name]
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