Commit c559ddf4 by Celine Mercier

BUG FIX: creation of a new column would fail because of a case not

handled when a high number of elements per line would imply less than
one line per memory page
parent 93cff94e
......@@ -703,7 +703,7 @@ static int get_formatted_elt_names_length(const char* elements_names)
static index_t get_line_count_per_page(OBIType_t data_type, index_t nb_elements_per_line)
return getpagesize() / (obi_sizeof(data_type) * nb_elements_per_line);
return getpagesize() / obi_sizeof(data_type) / nb_elements_per_line;
......@@ -919,6 +919,8 @@ OBIDMS_column_p obi_create_column(OBIDMS_p dms,
// The initial line count should be between the minimum (corresponding to the page size) and the maximum allowed
minimum_line_count = get_line_count_per_page(stored_data_type, nb_elements_per_line);
if (minimum_line_count == 0) // Happens if high number of elements per line
minimum_line_count = 1;
if (nb_lines > MAXIMUM_LINE_COUNT)
obidebug(1, "\nCan't create column because of line count greater than the maximum allowed (%d)", MAXIMUM_LINE_COUNT);
......@@ -1023,7 +1025,8 @@ OBIDMS_column_p obi_create_column(OBIDMS_p dms,
if (new_column->data == MAP_FAILED)
obidebug(1, "\nError mmapping the data of a column");
obidebug(1, "\nError mmapping the data of a column.\nArguments: data_size=%lu, column_file_descriptor=%d, header_size=%lu",
data_size, column_file_descriptor, header_size);
munmap(new_column->header, header_size);
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