Commit b1f3e082 by Celine Mercier

ngsfilter: fixed a bug when there is only one tag introduced in latest

parent 6c018b40
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ def ngsfilterIterator(lineiterator,
split_line = line.split()
tags = split_line.pop(2)
tags = tags.split(b":")
for t_idx in range(2):
for t_idx in range(len(tags)):
if tags[t_idx]==b"-" or tags[t_idx]==b"None" or tags[t_idx]==b"":
tags[t_idx] = nastring
if len(tags) == 1: # Forward and reverse tags are the same
major = 3
minor = 0
serial= '0-beta4'
serial= '0-beta5'
version ="%d.%02d.%s" % (major,minor,serial)
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