Commit 6afdc9fb by Celine Mercier

AVLs: Added an error check

parent 6f202363
......@@ -2463,7 +2463,7 @@ index_t obi_avl_group_add(OBIDMS_avl_group_p avl_group, Obi_blob_p value)
// Check if the AVL group is writable
if (!(avl_group->writable))
obi_set_errno(OBI_READ_ONLY_INDEXER_ERROR); // Note: this error is read by the calling functions to clone the AVL group if needed
return -1;
......@@ -2476,7 +2476,10 @@ index_t obi_avl_group_add(OBIDMS_avl_group_p avl_group, Obi_blob_p value)
// Add in the current AVL
index_in_avl = (int32_t) obi_avl_add((avl_group->sub_avls)[avl_group->last_avl_idx], value);
bloom_add(&((((avl_group->sub_avls)[avl_group->last_avl_idx])->header)->bloom_filter), value, obi_blob_sizeof(value));
if (index_in_avl < 0)
return -1;
bloom_add(&((((avl_group->sub_avls)[avl_group->last_avl_idx])->header)->bloom_filter), value, obi_blob_sizeof(value))
// Build the index containing the AVL index
index_with_avl = avl_group->last_avl_idx;
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