Commit 52a2e21b by Celine Mercier

grep: fixed `--id-list` option

and switch to version 3.0.0b38
parent d27a5b91
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ def Filter_generator(options, tax_filter, i_view):
invert_selection = options["invert_selection"]
id_set = None
if "id_list" in options:
id_set = set(x.strip() for x in open(options["id_list"]))
id_set = set(x.strip() for x in open(options["id_list"], 'rb'))
# Initialize the regular expression patterns
seq_pattern = None
major = 3
minor = 0
serial= '0b37'
serial= '0b38'
version ="%d.%d.%s" % (major,minor,serial)
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