Commit d885eb48 authored by Celine Mercier's avatar Celine Mercier

The header size when creating a column is now calculated according to

the size of the header structure and the page size of the platform.
parent 661fe360
......@@ -485,7 +485,17 @@ obiversion_t obi_column_get_latest_version_from_name(OBIDMS_p dms, const char* c
size_t obi_get_platform_header_size()
return getpagesize() * 2;
size_t header_size;
size_t rounded_header_size;
double multiple;
header_size = sizeof(OBIDMS_column_header_t);
multiple = ceil((double) header_size / (double) getpagesize());
rounded_header_size = multiple * getpagesize();
return rounded_header_size;
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