Commit b8dc49ef by Eric Coissac

Rename members of the DNA profil strucuture to potentiel avoid a compile

bug on windows cygwin
parent 140f2697
...@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@ cdef class _MemIntArray: ...@@ -47,10 +47,10 @@ cdef class _MemIntArray:
cdef class DNAProfile: cdef class DNAProfile:
cdef dnaprofile_t* profile cdef dnaprofile_t* profile
cdef _MemIntArray _A cdef _MemIntArray _baseA
cdef _MemIntArray _C cdef _MemIntArray _baseC
cdef _MemIntArray _G cdef _MemIntArray _baseG
cdef _MemIntArray _T cdef _MemIntArray _baseT
cdef _MemIntArray _Og cdef _MemIntArray _Og
cdef _MemIntArray _Eg cdef _MemIntArray _Eg
...@@ -85,14 +85,14 @@ cdef class DNAProfile: ...@@ -85,14 +85,14 @@ cdef class DNAProfile:
cdef void _initLetter(self): cdef void _initLetter(self):
cdef dnaprofile_t* profile = self.profile cdef dnaprofile_t* profile = self.profile
self._A = _MemIntArray() self._baseA = _MemIntArray()
self._A.initialize(profile.A ,profile.length) self._baseA.initialize(profile.A ,profile.length)
self._C = _MemIntArray() self._baseC = _MemIntArray()
self._C.initialize(profile.C ,profile.length) self._baseC.initialize(profile.C ,profile.length)
self._G = _MemIntArray() self._baseG = _MemIntArray()
self._G.initialize(profile.G ,profile.length) self._baseG.initialize(profile.G ,profile.length)
self._T = _MemIntArray() self._baseT = _MemIntArray()
self._T.initialize(profile.T ,profile.length) self._baseT.initialize(profile.T ,profile.length)
self._Og = _MemIntArray() self._Og = _MemIntArray()
self._Og.initialize(profile.Og,profile.length) self._Og.initialize(profile.Og,profile.length)
self._Eg = _MemIntArray() self._Eg = _MemIntArray()
...@@ -242,19 +242,19 @@ cdef class DNAProfile: ...@@ -242,19 +242,19 @@ cdef class DNAProfile:
property A: property A:
def __get__(self): def __get__(self):
return self._A return self._baseA
property C: property C:
def __get__(self): def __get__(self):
return self._C return self._baseC
property G: property G:
def __get__(self): def __get__(self):
return self._G return self._baseG
property T: property T:
def __get__(self): def __get__(self):
return self._T return self._baseT
property Og: property Og:
def __get__(self): def __get__(self):
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