Commit a95ae512 by Eric Coissac

Change the ecotag doc according to the new -M option

parent 0e2f8598
......@@ -40,11 +40,20 @@
.. cmdoption:: -E FLOAT, --errors=FLOAT
FLOAT is the fraction of reference sequences that will
be ignored when looking for the most recent common ancestor. This
be ignored when looking for the lowest common ancestor. This
option is useful when a non-negligible proportion of reference sequences
is expected to be assigned to the wrong taxon, for example because of
taxonomic misidentification. FLOAT is included in a [0,1] interval.
.. cmdoption:: -M INTEGER, --min-matches=FLOAT
Define the minimum congruent assignation. If this minimum is reached and
the -E option is activated, the lowest common ancestor algorithm tolarated
that some sequences do not provide the same taxonomic annotation (see the
-E option).
.. cmdoption:: --cache-size=INTEGER
A cache for computed similarities is maintained by `ecotag`. the default
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