Commit e483b17e by Eric Coissac

Patch average size of amplicon computation

git-svn-id: 60f365c0-8329-0410-b2a4-ec073aeeaa1d
parent 396d6e20
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ void printapair(int32_t index,ppair_t pair, poptions_t options)
printf("\t%d", pair->maxd);
//print average amplifia lenght
printf("\t%3.2f", (float)pair->sumd/pair->inexample);
printf("\t%3.2f", (float)pair->sumd/pair->amplifiacount);
//print amplifia information about reference sequence if specified
if (options->refseq && pair->refsequence >=0)
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