Commit 4f9d76f0 authored by Eric Coissac's avatar Eric Coissac

New version based on sort them merge algorithm

git-svn-id: 60f365c0-8329-0410-b2a4-ec073aeeaa1d
parent b5b0ca7e
SOURCES = goodtaxon.c \
readdnadb.c \
smothsort.c \
sortword.c \
hashsequence.c \
strictprimers.c \
aproxpattern.c \
merge.c \
queue.c \
libstki.c \
sortmatch.c \
pairs.c \
OBJECTS= $(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(SOURCES))
LIBFILE= libecoprimer.a
RANLIB= ranlib
include ../
all: $(LIBFILE)
rm -rf $(OBJECTS) $(LIBFILE)
ar -cr $@ $?
$(RANLIB) $@
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