Commit e24cef89 authored by Eric Coissac's avatar Eric Coissac

manage a stack of command to run at the exit of the script

parent 2f764996
# LECA Bash library
# The LECA bash library provides a set of function used for helping
# development of bash script mainly to write job script on the luke
# cluster
# The files from the LECA Bash library must be sourced from your main script
include logging
logdebug "Load atexit package"
include stacks
function __atexit__manager__() {
echo coucou
while popvalue __LECABASHLIB_ATEXITSTACK__ cmd ; do
eval "$cmd"
function registeratexit() {
pushvalue __LECABASHLIB_ATEXITSTACK__ "${1}"
trap "__atexit__manager__" EXIT ERR
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